Management's Wish

At Indira Priyadarshini College we always strives to rise up to grater heights of achievement and excellence, built on sound and solid foundation of love and happiness that arises as a result of man's search for the creation of a better Nation and a better world.

Indira Priyadarshini College is a happy and cordial family of students, staff, parents and management and we wish to preserve this relationship at any cost.

We are dedicated to the cause of education of the youth, trying to bring the light of knowledge into the lives of the younger generation.

We come across certain values and ethos. We dedicate ourselves for the overall development of our students in all dimensions. i.e. Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, and Moral.

We undertake to impart a quality education to our students with the help of innovative and effective techniques of teaching.

We shall endeavor make them more self confident and smart.

Mr. Arif Masood
Aman Education Society